Lauren Maryam Moradi is an interdisciplinary artist working in Los Angeles, CA.
Using craft to alter and mend familiar objects, her work investigates concepts of domestic failure and bodily shortcomings through both the alteration and destruction of functionality. The gesture of hand sewing, specifically a suture stitch used to heal and protect, becomes ill-intended and antagonistic as opposed to caring.
The attempts at reparations are weak and incapable, leaving the objects repaired, yet still fundamentally flawed.
No longer able to complete their given tasks, their constant effort to try and consequent failure becomes a futile and flaccid means of providing.
Abject humor and the absurd are woven into her work as a means of communicating insidious realities that permeate our social climate - while inviting laughter they simultaneously serve as softly cutting reminders of visceral fragilities.
Born in Orlando, FL, Moradi received her BFA from University of South Florida in 2012. She is a founding member of QUAID Gallery in Tampa, FL and currently an MFA candidate at California State University Northridge.

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